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2010-03-25 12:22:29 When posting code in the script boards, some of the code was over-sanitized and subsequently broken. The extra escape characters have been removed, so code should now post correctly. Scott
2010-03-05 21:59:38 Mailcode v.1.9.5 has been released to address a bug in the MIME boundary string when attaching files. Scott
2010-03-03 19:31:11 Blocklist Manager v.1.0.2 has been released. This version includes code to reduce loading time for sites that use large blocklists, and masks the email address with ASCII encoding to reduce the potential for spam. Scott
2010-02-21 12:34:20 Blocklist Manager v.1.0.1 has been released. This update:

- Fixes a bug in the initial code that rendered the script completely ineffective because visitor IP addresses weren't recognized.
- Adds gzip compression support for gzip compressed blocklists.
2010-02-21 11:25:43 Blocklist Manager 1.0.0 currently has a bug which prevents it from comparing the visitor's IP address to the blocklists. Additionally, some blocklists are gzipped and the script cannot gunzip them. An update has been completed, and is currently being tested prior to release.

Keep an eye out for the coming update. It will include a bugfix and gunzip capabilities.
2010-02-20 16:55:24 Guestbook v.2.1.3 has been released. This version moves the form to a lightbox, moves the status box to the top of the screen, changes the background color for the status box, and fixes a minor escaping bug that forced the guestbook to display escape characters. Scott
2010-02-20 13:37:58 Login Session v.2.2.4 has been released to address a security vulnerability in the registration routine that allowed users to register even when registration was disabled.

This release is a direct update for v.2.2.3. Simply overwrite your old login.php file with the new one.
2010-02-11 09:58:40 IE browsers were not able to download the scripts. The site has been updated to fix this problem. However, note that IE is not a standards-compliant browser. I recommend all IE users download a standards compliant browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera. Scott
2010-02-06 21:33:59 Mailcode v.1.9.4 has been released. This version includes:

- XHTML 1.1 standards compliance.
- Grouped field support.
- HTML message support.
2010-01-10 19:22:26 I just released my newest script, myPHPscripts Blocklist Manager. This script is designed to download blocklists and manage unwanted traffic automatically by cross-referencing visitor IPs to lists of known bad IPs and blocking them before they view your content. Scott
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